Why Caesarstone is ideal for infrequent kitchen users

In Set in Stone News by dawn

Some householders will often argue that, as they make little use of their kitchen and spend only short periods each day in the bathroom, it makes little sense to invest in quality worktops such as those made from Caesarstone.

The sobering fact however is that it is all too easy to damage a poor quality worktop, even if one’s culinary skills amount to nothing more than microwaving a ready meal and time spent in the bathroom is limited to a quick 10-minute shower each day.

One of the main culprits affecting kitchen and bathroom worktops is water – either through splashes or the effects of steam.

Some materials, such as wood, can prove very ineffective against the effects of water, while steam can lead to warping.

Other worktop materials, such as laminates or acrylics, can easily become marked or stained as a result of water splashes, particularly if combined with the effects of a rusting metallic storage container base or some other poor water resistant kitchen object. Worse still are the effects of chemical spillages, which are all too frequently seen on poorer quality worktops.

On the other hand, a quality worktop material such as Caesarstone is usually completely impervious to such staining over the course of many years. Moreover, those householders in Leeds, Humberside, Yorkshire and Cheshire who have opted for Caesarstone quartz worktops will often comment that, because they require so little cleaning and maintenance, Caesarstone worktops are ideal for those who wish to spend as little time in their kitchen or bathroom as possible.