Why Caesarstone worktops are recommended for successful makeovers

In Set in Stone News by dawn

Most kitchens or bathrooms will eventually need an interior design uplift, of course, but it can sometimes be difficult to decide what measures need to be taken to achieve the desired effect, regardless of whether they are large or small.

Many professional interior designers will often point out how a measure as straightforward as changing or adding new kitchen and bathroom worktops can make a strong, overall impact on any design layout.

This is because as well as forming the main functional units of a room, worktops will also often act as the main focal points for anyone who happens to enter.

The correct choice of worktop for a particular bathroom or kitchen is therefore very important. Not only should colours and patterns be considered very carefully, but the choice of worktop material can also have a marked effect on how a room is perceived.

Quality kitchen and bathroom worktops, such as those made from Caesarstone, have seen strong growth over the years in Leeds, Cheshire, Humberside and Yorkshire, partly because they combine a wide range of colour choice with a pleasant depth and lustre which many agree can only be found at the top end of the worktop market.

Other quality worktops which have also seen a marked take-up include those made from Compac Quartz and Compac Marmol. Even traditional granite worktops still hold their own for these reasons.

Whichever type of worktop is chosen, however, most interior design experts strongly recommend requesting samples prior to purchase, so that the colour and pattern can be examined under different lighting conditions.